The focus of our work is the fulfillment of customer requirements. Our technical standard and selective optimization enable us to meet your requirements for rational and efficient production and increased competitiveness.

Our system solutions are based on extensive user knowledge and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. We support you in your investment decision through process analyses and cooperate with research institutes and raw material manufacturers to determine optimum conditions for your production taking into account economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. Our worldwide leading position in the physical foaming of polymers as well as in the CV extrusion of cross-link lines (XLPE, EVA) confirms the success of our extensive R & D efforts.  

Software Development

SIEBE Engineering uses the design environments provided by Microsoft for a continuous optimization of process engineering methods in the plastics industry. Process simulations based on physical models are created, software for system control is designed and evaluation algorithms for innovative image processing systems are developed.

When it comes to quality assurance during production, we offer our customers logging, monitoring and analysis software. For this purpose, we provide you with appropriate data packages for your own connection to higher-level computer systems and for the transmission of process data.