SIEBE Engineering uses the design environments provided by Microsoft for continuous optimization of process engineering methods in the plastics industry. Process simulations based on physical models are created, software for system control is designed and evaluation algorithms for innovative image processing systems are developed.

When it comes to quality assurance during production, we offer our customers logging, monitoring and analysis software. For this purpose, we provide you with appropriate data packages for your own connection to higher-level computer systems and for the transmission of process data. 


All systems are delivered with the SIEBE Process Control System SPCS. In addition to the standard functions provided by a PLC control system with user-friendly operation and recipe data management, this also ensures safe system operation by means of backup functions such as:

  • Overpressure shutdown
  • Start-up inhibit, at insufficient temperature
  • Stop at excess temperature
  • Motor current limit
  • Emergency-stop
  • Tolerance and alarm monitoring
  • Monitoring the sensor signals
  • System stop at wire break

Due to our modularized system design, a customized configuration of the individual system components such as integration of co-extruders, different measuring systems, several processes or types of winders etc. can be implemented in a flexible and easy way.