Color differences between two cables may be safety relevant. Therefore, visual or static measurement methods are usually used for control purposes. These should check the tolerance limit of the specified colors. However, visual assessments are subject to subjective impressions of the observer, which result from factors such as lighting, viewing angle and color perception.
The SIEBE Color Match (SCM) is an automatic measuring system for obtaining objective, reproducible and comparable color measurement results. Using a separate light source, measurement errors that could occur due to unfavorable lighting conditions are prevented. Cable colors are usually specified using color tables. In accordance with individual customer specifications, these are simply stored in a database in the SIEBE Color Match via the "teach-in" function and serve as a reference for production with the same color requirements. 

During operation, the desired cable color is selected from a previously defined database and compared with the measured color. Within a specified tolerance value, the system accepts the color or displays an error message on the screen if there is a deviation. The sensor size limits the minimum visible width of a strip to approx. 0.5 mm. The cable diameter can be in the range of 1 - 10 mm (larger diameters as an option with extended optics).
The inline version of the measuring device is comparable to a diameter camera in terms of size and handling and can be integrated into the system control via Ethernet. The measuring device can also be operated independently by means of a touch screen. An advanced version of the measuring device was designed for offline use for quality control in the test field or laboratory. The main differences are in the mechanics which ensure the testing of short cable samples.
Therefore, the measuring device is not exclusively used for inline production control.  The specified color values can also be checked offline. The database with all relevant product colors can be copied from one device to the other as a file within a tolerance of dE≈5.

  • Color control for cables
  • Better than the human eye
  • Inline and offline measuring device available
  • Elimination of color errors
  • Main and stripe color check in one step
  • Continuous monitoring / data storage