Solid Rods

For several years SIEBE has been manufacturing special extrusion lines for the production of various solid rods. With our many years of experience in extrusion technology and the intelligent control technology of our SIEBE Process Control System (SPCS), we are able to meet even the highest customer requirements with our profitable lines.

In the extrusion of solid rods made of various materials, we incorporate many innovations that guarantee our customers rational and economic production. Our extrusion lines for fluoropolymers in particular, are producing with great success for maximum longevity and ease of maintenance throughout the world. 

Technical Data (for example of an extrusion line for PFA solid rods)
Extruder HSP 45-27 F
Rod diameter 5 - 40 mm
Materials PFA, FEP, ETFE, etc.
Line speed 0 to 20 m/min