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SIEBE Colour Match (SCM)

The difference of colours between two cables can be safety relevant. For controlling purpose, often visual inspection with colour cards as well as static measuring systems are used. They should check the acceptance limit of the specified colours. Visual assessments are subject to subjective impression arising from factors such as illumination, angle of vision and colour sensitivity of the observer.

SIEBE Colour Match (SCM) is an automatic system to get objective, reproducable and comparable colour measuring results. The built-in light source avoids measurement errors with inappropriate illuminants.

Cable colours are often specified with colour tables. According to individual customer requirements colours can easily be added via “teach in” function to a database of the SIEBE Colour Match. These data serve as reference for productions with the same colour requirements.

The required colour of cable is chosen from a before defined database and during production compared to the measured colour. Within a given tolerance around the reference colour, the measured colour is accepted by the system. In case of deviation a fault is indicated on the touchscreen.

The sensor spot is limiting the minimal visual width of stripes to actually approx. 0.5 mm. Cable diameter can be 1 – 10 mm (optional bigger sizes with extended optics).

The inline version is comparable regarding size and handling to a diameter camera and can be integrated in a control system via ethernet. Provided with a touch screen the device can also be operated stand-alone. An extended version is designed for offline operation to control the cable color quality in test bay or laboratory. The main differences can be found in the mechanics in order to ensure inspection of short samples.

Thus the SCM is not only used for inline production control. Also offline defined colour values can be verified. The database with all relevant product colours can easily be copied within a tolerance of dE≈5 as a file from one device to another.

Colour control for cable
Better than human eye
Inline and offline device available
Colour defect prevention
Main / stripe check in one step
Continuous monitoring / data logging
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